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I was confused when I first saw the AoE toys, too. If I hadn't wondered why Strafe was $1 cheaper than the other Dinobots, I would have bought the wrong one. Even then, I had to check on-line to see if a Generations Strafe would be out, and I only knew to do that because I was already familiar with the Generations line, and saw the word Generations on the sides of Scorn and Slug's packaging.

I don't understand the Titan Heroes dolls. They don't transfrom. They're not articulated. They aren't painted more elaborately than other figures. There are flip-change and one-step Transformers for small children who can't handle regular Transformers. The Titan Heroes seem to be utterly without merit. Are they for toddlers? And are there enough toddlers who want Transformers to justify their own line?

The marketing has really hyped Optimus riding Grimlock, but the only toys that can do this are Kre-O, Construct-Bots, and Dino-Sparkers. Of these, only Construct-Bots can transform. You'd think they'd have mini-con Autobots to ride Deluxe Dinobots, but they don't even seem to be doing Legends size figures this time.

I think video games would have more of an effect now than in the 80s and 90s. Back then, kids loved them, but they required a TV and many kids didn't have their own. So, they played with toys while their parents watched TV. Now, kids have their own screen on a device connected to the internet. Being able to surf the web, message your friends and play games on your own device is going to eat up a lot more time than waiting for a turn at the TV.
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