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Talking Remembering that our old toys actually exist!

After digging through a few boxes in my basement, I was reminded of just how bloody many Transformers I own. I was also reminded of how much I liked some of those toys five or ten years ago, but how they've been pushed aside by newer, shiner things as the years wore on. And that's what this thread is for: revisiting the toys we used to love (or hate) and seeing just what we think of them now. As a fandom we tend to be all over whatever the hot new thing is, often to the extent we forget about last year's "best TF ever". Well, none of that in here!

I'll start off with a few of mine. Feel free to toss in some of your own, or argue whatever I've got to say about mine.

Let's start with three guys I pulled out of the box pretty much at random:

Universe Skywarp dates back to 2004, though the mold he's based on is several years older. The Deluxe Jetstorm mold was the Classics Seeker of its' day, with five nicely distinctive decos coming out within half a decade. If you'd told people then that Skywarp was going to be the last time we'd see the mold, I think you'd have elicited a sigh of relief from the fandom at large. But you know what? This is a really good toy! The jet mode in particular is brilliant, second only to G1 Cyclonus (and his Universe update) when it comes to futuristic aircraft. The robot mode is very poseable, hindered only by the huge arms, and manages to look very alien without being ugly or silly like a lot of the BM Vehicons were.

Verdict: I still love it! Skywarp is a great representative of two different eras: Beast Machines Vehicons, and the original Universe line of random redecos.

Energon Sharkticon (also 2004) has gotten some reuse more recently, with Fun Publications using the mold as the basis for a new Sky-Byte and an army of G1 Sharkticons and Takara inexplicably redecoing him into the Axalon. He was by far my favourite toy in the Energon line at the time, and taking another look at him now I still think he's pretty good. His robot mode has better articulation than pretty much anything else from the Unicron Trilogy, he's got a million cool built-in weapons and his colour scheme is adorably mad. Plus he's got a great head sculpt with tonnes of personality.

He's got some flaws, though. The biggest one is that he's clearly wearing more than half of his alt-mode as a cape in robot mode, and while it looks alright it tends to make him really back-heavy. His alt-mode is equally flawed, with clear robot bits in the underside and making up its tail.

Verdict: I can't not love this guy. He's got some problems, but the toy has so much personality that they're easy to look past. I think he might well be my favourite UT toy.

ROTF Brawl is newer than those two (2009, with a mold from 2007), but he's easily the most primitive of the three. Colours aside, he manages to capture the look of the on-screen character pretty well. And the talk mode is absolutely brilliant. But as a Transformer, it's a bit of a mess! It's in this weird place where it's got almost no useful articulation, yet still feels like it has too many moving parts. Lots of bits don't lock into place like you'd wish they would, but the arms and legs are weirdly jointed, so I'm left feeling like the only parts that are poseable are the ones that aren't actually meant to move.

Verdict: This one is really showing his age. I love the character design and he's got a great look, but this just isn't a very good toy. A shame the Leader-class Brawl goes for $100 now.

Anyone else feel like digging out their old favourites?
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