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Here's a couple older toys that I've mucked around on my desk alongside Generations Drift before the influx of new toys came in. There is totally not a pattern.

Classics/Universe Hound: Hound! Why does no one talk about Hound? When people are praising the Generations lines it's always Starscream and Mirage and Cyclonus and Onslaught and whatever, but Hound! I've completely forgotten that I even own this little bugger standing behind a sea of far taller Autobot cars. Hound is significantly shorter than most of the other Classics Autobot cars, having sacrificed some of his deluxe-class mass to his pack-in partner Ravage. But he's a pretty good toy! He looks like Hound, he's a great update to the character in both alternate and robot modes, comes with a funky little gun... he's got a great transformation (his chairs transform!) and great poseability all around. His square-y feet can hinge around like an ankle to allow him to stand with his feet apart. Hound's a pretty awesome little toy.

G1 Crosshairs: Crosshairs is one of the few Generation One toys I managed to track down (no Pinpointer though, so he moonlights with one of the PCC Minicons), though I haven't exactly played with it much once I cleaned the thick layer of dust that was caking it and peeled off the half-dead stickers... and then he just kind of sits there on the back of my G1 shelf, looking big and imposing and nothing else. And playing around with him... he's pretty awesome, actually, even for a G1 toy. The first-year Targetmasters in general have great alternate modes (though Sureshot never excited me, and both Scourge and Kup have ridiculous-looking alternate modes) and Crosshairs' alternate mode is one that has never registered in my head until I've bought the toy. It's this wacky futuristic vehicle that's a cross between a van and an ATV with massive dune buggy wheels. And it's red and blue because why not? He's got pretty great articulation for a toy his time (read: shoulders, wrists, knees) and his transformation is pretty intuitive. It's certainly showing its age compared to a lot of the newer toys with ball joints and everything, and while obviously a less fun toy than Hound or Lockdown in this list he's still a pretty fun one.

(I want Misfire)

Encore G1 Bumblebee: Bumblebee came in an Encore set alongside Swerve, Tailgate, Pipes and Outback. And I've already liked the latter four, a long, long time before MTMTE was even a thing. Swerve and Pipes were my favourites, being tiny colourful things, whereas Outback scares me because of his flimsy hands and Tailgate keeps falling backwards, so both Swerve and Pipes often hung out with modern toys on my desk. But G1 Bumblebee? He was banished into the deep dark place of Prime's trailer. Until I got him out a couple of weeks ago, anyway. And while my big MOVEE BUMBLEBEE schtick may be a big reason why this toy was summarily forgotten, another reason is his retooled cartoon face. Instead of the faceplated thing I associate the G1 Bumblebee toy with, Encore Bumblebee instead placed a flat, lifeless version of his cartoon face on it. Ugh. But other than that, though? Bumblebee is a fun little minicar or whatever you call their size class. It's never going to be my favourite thanks to that ugly noggin, but it's not a horrible thing.

Animated Lockdown: Lockdown is a pretty brilliant offering from Animated that I haven't touched in close to five years. He's such a towering deluxe class toy, easily as tall as (or even taller than) a lot of voyagers... and he doesn't look as skinny as a reed! He's got enough mass in his body and his legs to look like he's a threat, and between the spikes he has on his wheel kibble and his shoulders, his paint-scheme, that massive hook hand and the general slouched pose, Lockdown looks like a pretty badass dude. While there are some bad offerings from the line, Animated certainly doled out some toys that are just pure win, and Lockdown is definitely one of them. Transformation is fun and quick, and his alternate mode is a badass spiky muscle car thing. He's got great articulation... except in one area. His wrists can hinge inwards but not quite outwards, so he's permanently stuck with his hands (or non-hook hand, rather) bent at at least a 45 degree angle from his lower arms. I mean, you can buy two Lockdowns and transplant the hook car kibble so he has two hooks or a hook and a chainsaw or two chainsaws and pretend he's Pharma, but you kind of need those hands. Overall it's a bit of a letdown on what is a brilliant toy.
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