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At least in the UK AoE Generations are only available at Argos (Leaders only) and Toys R Us (everything except Leaders). That said, TRU mix and match their sticking in the same pegs between those giant fist simple figures and Generations Deluxe. If it takes adult fans ages to work out which is which what hope is there for disinterested staff?

And the lack of Decepticons / bad guys in this line is insane. I bet stats show Autobots sell better on average and that folk are more likely to buy the recognisable characters like Prime and Bumblebee. Step in market researchers and execs and you get a line like this. Just because you're more likely to buy an Autobot doesn't mean that you only want Autobots! Without bad guys there's no game for kids and collectors are likely to be less biased. And just because Prime and Bumblebee sell better doesn't mean anyone wants multiple versions - it just means everyone buys the main characters (once) and then bulks out with different secondary characters.


And I do think lack of Generations in main retailers in the UK will damage sales when so many of the new lines look so bad... It's awkward to seek out TRU in Scotland as there are so few stores and big distances between. Plus other thuan hardcore fans, who knows to?

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It also bears mentioning that today's parents all grew up playing games, so a lot of them probably don't have the same "put that controller down and go play outside!" aversion to kids sinking time into gaming that a lot of our parents did.
Not me - I already get my 18 week old son out to get close to lizards, bugs, flowers etc. I want him outside as
much as possible. Inside I'd rather he were playing with toys mostly as there's lots of research showing negative effects of too much of any sort of screen time on kids development. I think proper Transformers (ie transforming ones) are probably excellent balance between educational and character toys. They must help with dexterity, manipulation, spatial awareness, 3D modelling etc. Shame my wife hates them!

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