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The two lines confusing people (would it kill to use different packaging?) wouldn't be so bad if there aren't Big Toys for each. A child or a parent would only buy, say, either Generations Leader Bumblebee or RID Leader Bumblebee but not both. And most of the time why bother when there is a dozen other smaller Bumblebees around? And no one in their sane mind would buy, say, both Generations Drift and RID Drift. It's not like the last toylines where it might be difficult to find, say, on-screen characters like Soundwave or Dino or Leadfoot or whoever, but at least toy stores had variations instead of the same 8 to 10 characters repeated across three differing size classes that look exactly the same.

There is a small imprint on the side of the packaging bubble that says 'Generations' or 'Robots in Disguise' but really, with the amount of stuff that toy stores just pile together because they fit on the same peg...

And like Warcry said, there isn't much bad guys around! Both the big bads, Galvatron and especially Lockdown, are only around in wave 2 and wave 2.5 respectively. I don't think we even have a mass-retail Stinger planned, probably something to do with those pesky car licenses. And even Hasbro's usual routine of making vehicles in the show into bad guys like Junkheap (garbage truck KSI drone), Vehicon (Cemetery Wind jeep) and Steeljaw (Lockdown's wolves) are only found in the Kiddie line and not until wave 4 or 5 or whatever. It's got too much of an influx of good guys which wouldn't be so bad if the Dinobots were, like, antiheroes and thus can battle the Autobots, but as it is, well...

Not to mention Kre-O's and Construct-bots being basically the same stuff but in uglier, non-show-accurate looks. Those are definitely going to shelfwarm.

And stuff like the Dinobot chargers... does Hasbro think anyone would want them? I mean, it would be a thing if they painted the Dinobots properly, but they're just a massive chunk of transparent plastic vaguely shaped like dinosaurs.

And those big... cheap-looking statue things. The things I thought were knockoffs but aren't. Whatever the hell they are, they can't be good for sales.
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