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I've been having a bit of a clear out, so this is a bit fresh in my mind (got rid of all my Animated and Movie toys over the last six months, plus some CHUG figures I didn't see the point of).

Here's my picks...

Universe Nemesis Prime
This for me is the Nemesis Prime. A huge, evil looking Mamoth I'd probably cack myself I saw charging towards me. Okay, the alt mode is a bit of a brick, but then it busts open into this awesome robot mode framed by those tusks. The colours are great, a mix of black teal, bone white, blood red, bright red and silver.

Universe Constructicons
I love the Build Team, but even they with their colourful, blocky forms are put in the shade by these sexy purple and green recolours.

Armada Cyclonus
Outwardly, there's not much to like about the portly Cyclonus and his dumpy chum Crumplezone. The alt mode is a lazy 'will this do?' jumble of barely concealed robot parts and the robot mode is pretty ugly looking. Crumplezone is a terrible block in both modes, but somehow they are just incredible fun. The plastics are glorious, the moulded detail is off the hook and the colours are just superb. He's a really fun figure to mess about with topped off with a cute trigger -activated rotor.

Micromaster Collection Sixwing Reissue
Micromasters are still the coolest. And whats more cooler than awesome little 'bots that can combine into a slightly bigger robot? Nothing! That's what. Even the gestalt parts get something to do! Hooray!

Beast Wars Cybershark
The sexiest looking Beast Wars figure. Check out that composited alt-mode, mashed up out of 3 different sharks, and then witness the fitness as he cracks out this blinding roobt mode, complete with jagged toothed mouth! Blinding bit of work only slightly upstaged by Sharp Edge from Beast Wars Neo.

I could go on, but we'll be here all day...
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