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Great timing---back in Athens so reunited with the rest of my collection.

FE Cliffjumper--sadly I only kept the purple god awful stickered edition, but I'll be hunting at AA for a proper red one again. Just marvelous.

FE Starscream--sadly forgotten after a few years, but a very expressive toy with a neat transformation and a very sleek robot mode.

FE Bulkhead---wow magic. Taking him with me as he's going on a Wreckers shelf with Sandstorm in York. I also messed with my FE Clear Prime, but he's nowhere this good. Equally nice to look at, though.

Alternity Megatron--this one goes for all the nay sayers of Kobayashi [guy who designed MP01 to MP09, MP11 and now MP Magnus]. Very solid figure, madly articulated, very expressive and very, very compact. Both versions I have [blue and black] are flying with me to York, will probably hunt for the silver version as well.


Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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