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Hmm... old stuff I've kept, apart from loose battered early Autobots, that aren't on display...

Cybertron Starscream / Vector Prime two-pack
Actually I re-purchased them fairly recently. Despite being a bit large and (in Vector Prime's case) immobile by standards these days, they're both great detailed sculpts with effective colour schemes that'll get displayed at some point.

Pretender Bludgeon (inner robot)
Simple, perfectly proportioned, and whereas I don't particularly care for the original shell (especially at the prices they now fetch) versus a nice, characterful DOTM Bludgeon plus the Blood upgrade kit, I do like a good tank figure.

I have a fondness for generics, be they pretender inner robots or "new character" Actionmasters -- Treadshot has the whole bounty hunter schtick, and the significant paint damage across his visor only adds to that.

Targetmaster Rodimus Prime
Objectively a blocky piece of crap. Had the Ladybird books and had a friend as a kid who had a lot of the movie figures, who in fact traded with me for Firebolt at the time. Got a reissue Hot Rod years later, by which time the Targetmaster partner was long gone which obviously couldn't hold it, so both got moved on. This scratches an itch to have a complete one and scrubs up quite well with Reprolabels... it's basic, and a step back from Diaclone engineering, but makes me smile.

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