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God, this thread has me rummaging through my toy box...

Lets have a look at what else I think is AWESOME

I always wanted this guy as a nipper. I think just because no one I knew had him, he seemed a bit forgotten and only had a brief appearance in a Ladybird book (that I could recall) to his name. He just seemed that bit more mysterious an interesting than Hoist. Although I have the Encore one which is lovely and shiny and new,its my slightly worn second hand one I got off Ebay. Its just so chunky and bouncy looking and turns into a hilarious blocky wee blob. Lovely

Beast Machines Blackarchnia
After two pretty rum Beast Wars toys (yeah I like her TM2 toy, but its got so much kibble) she turned out a right sexy slip of a thing for Beast Machines. The spider mode is super-creepy, the colours are lovely and she has a fantastic robot mode. Sure the legs are a bit chunky, but she looks the part.

Armada Megatron
Wees all over G2 Megatron from a great height and still the greatest Megatron toy EVER. Oh yes.

Beast Wars Transmetal Rampage
GIANT METAL CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAB!!! Run for the hills!All the Transmetal Beast Wars toys are awesome slabs of amazing, but the brutal Rampage I do like. The crab mode is just gorgeous, all covered in sexy copper chrome. Great big purple claws and he turns into a really unconvincing tank. But! It has rubber treads that really work and a rather powerful gattling cannon. Great fun!

RiD Ruination (Target Exclusive Urban Camo Deco)
I love the Combaticons. As the Constructicons proved, a uniform colour palette really brings the gestalts together, and that idea was pinched for these black and white bad boys. They just look awesome, although its a bit unfortunate that Rollbar ends up looking like a Golly.
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