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Here's a few more:

2010 Terradive might very well be my favourite Deluxe-class toy ever. He's definitely the best jet-former I own at that price point. His robot mode integrates the entire vehicle mode with no notable kibble left over, and the jet (while not quite as perfectly-integrated) is very slick as well. He's got a unique colour scheme, a beautiful head sculpt and great articulation, and it's a shame that nobody remembers or cares about him because he's an off-screen nobody from a random movie line.

My only complaint about the guy is his weapon. As you can maybe see in the pics, it's broken in half for pretty much no reason.

Definitely a keeper, and people who don't own him really need to track him down!

Beast Wars Insecticon is one of the last toys I bought when I was a kid. He's got ball joints all over like all the early BW basics, a good sculpt and a great beetle alt-mode. Unfortunately the years have not been kind to mine, as his ankles have gotten so loose that he can't stand upright and I need to use his antennae to keep him in beast mode. That's what happens when you play with a toy as much as I did with him, though, I suppose.

On a shelf with more modern toys, though, what really stands out is the lack of paint apps. Although the blue and green contrast each other nicely, he really needs a bit more than that to make him stand out from the crowd. It's truly a shame that this toy was never redecoed, and that it never will be since Hasbro and Takara apparently managed to lose the mold along with most of the other BW Basics.

I really do like him, though, and one day I need to track down a version of him who's not broken-down and loose for display purposes.

And lastly, Universe Onslaught. Damn, is this guy a big bruiser! He also tends to, sadly, be a bit forgotten by a fandom that is inexplicably obsessed with combiners. People's (to me) completely incomprehensible demand for gestalts caused this toy to be met with a somewhat dismissive attitude when it came out, because apparently a combiner team member who doesn't combine is heresy or something? Well screw that, Onslaught is awesome! In his day, toys as big and heavy as he is tended to either be bricks, unposeable due to balance issues, or both. But Onslaught has the articulation and balance of a good Deluxe-class toy. He's also got a great alt-mode and electronic gimmicks that don't manage to ruin the entire toy (he's the only figure in my collection with sound gimmicks whose batteries I haven't taken out). The 2008 Universe line had several strong offerings, but I think Onslaught is the best of the bunch -- better than Cyclonus, better than Hound, better than Sideswipe and better than Sunstreaker.

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Cybertron Starscream / Vector Prime two-pack
Actually I re-purchased them fairly recently. Despite being a bit large and (in Vector Prime's case) immobile by standards these days, they're both great detailed sculpts with effective colour schemes that'll get displayed at some point.
Both of these toys seem like they're one or two size classes too big for the complexity of their designs. I think if Hasbro remade them as Generations Deluxes, even without changing much in terms of articulation or transformation, I'd like them a whole lot more.

Vector Prime in particular is a great display figure, though it's a shame how much molded detail he's got that never saw paint. If all of those exposed gears and such had been coloured, he'd be fantastic.
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