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Reissue G1 Skids: Skids is a Reissue toy I bought, I played with a bit and tossed into the display case because who cares about Skids am I right? I mean he's got a couple of issues in the Marvel comics but nothing really that I cared about. Come MTMTE and he's this character with an overpowered mutant power, who everyone likes and can do everything. Yet somehow I've warmed up to him somewhat. Though probably digging his toy out a couple while back might be the impetus for that. Skids is a pretty good toy! He's a fun little dude that turns from robot to car very quickly, and has a shit-ton of guns for a G1 toy.

Beast Wars Sea Clamp: Sea Clamp! He turns from a lobster to a robot to a pair of legs. Ever since I tracked down him and Cicadacon, they have been combined with my Japanese Ram Horn Motorarm into Tripredacus for a while now. But Sea Clamp in his own is pretty awesome though! The sculpting really makes him look like a lobster, and in robot mode he's just got these really wide shoulders and these long, massive pincer-hands that look like they're going to beat the shit out of you. And inside the pincers are these little flip-out jagged shivs, because Sea Clamp is hardcore. I do like him a lot. His face's got personality, he looks a lot like a brawler... shame his lobster tail piece kind of gets in the way of his feet.

Beast Wars Cicadacon: Cicadacon kind of blows Sea Clamp out of the water, though. It's not that Sea Clamp is bad, it's that Cicadacon is good. I look at a sub-par modern toy like the Age of Extinction Dinobots or Generations Blitzwing, and I pull out a ten-year-old toy like Cicadacon, who, in addition from transforming into one of the most beautiful robot modes ever, can also combine into a gestalt that has articulation? FOC Bruticus has ten years on Cicadacon, and none of his component parts are any good. Cicadacon and Sea Clamp, though. His bug mode is excellent, his robot mode has a range of posability that puts the similarly-shaped Generations Waspinator to shame. He's just so awesome. The wings are all individually ball-jointed, he comes with a pair of swords... Cicadacon is a toy you need to own.

Motorarm sucks, though.

Movie Bonecrusher: Bonecrusher is awesome. Don't let anyone tell you different. I mean, sure, he's got super long arms, and his upper limbs is a mass of boxy kibble, and his crotch pieces kind of like to come loose, but he's awesome. He transforms from this monstrous military minesweeeper thing into this massive rollerblading robot with super-long arms and a massive venus flytrap scorpion tail thing. It's a mould that has got a shit-ton of personality and certainly stands up well to a lot of modern toys.

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Never truly felt this one, I have to be honest. He's alright but I never thought he was great, with his short arms and huge feet. He's definitely the best G1 Hound toy around, though.
Hound's certainly not as good as Cyclonus and Onslaught -- two of the greatest toys to ever come out of Hasbro -- but he's certainly on par with the likes of Sideswipe and Bluestreak and most of the moulds that came out around then. I think it's just because he is Hound and visually not as interesting as many of the other toys to come after him.
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