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I excluded more recent purchases even if they'll end up on future favorites lists, like Vector Prime. That said, here are a few I still enjoy:

GDO Brawl: I was pretty "meh" about Breacher. The mold works so much better in brown and green. The kibble on him is manageable and works as extra armor.

GDO Hot Spot: I have a weakness for the Protectobots and even though this mold isn't a combiner I do enjoy it. The shade of blue is just lovely and the "I'm not taking any of your poop, Blades" headsculpt is perfect.

HFTD Lockdown: Tall, gangly, and looking like he pieced himself together from what he could take off his captures/kills.

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2010 Terradive might very well be my favourite Deluxe-class toy ever. He's definitely the best jet-former I own at that price point. His robot mode integrates the entire vehicle mode with no notable kibble left over, and the jet (while not quite as perfectly-integrated) is very slick as well. He's got a unique colour scheme, a beautiful head sculpt and great articulation, and it's a shame that nobody remembers or cares about him because he's an off-screen nobody from a random movie line.

My only complaint about the guy is his weapon. As you can maybe see in the pics, it's broken in half for pretty much no reason.

Definitely a keeper, and people who don't own him really need to track him down!
I love Terradive. I own two copies of that mold. He was surprisingly poseable and he's a fun toy. Felt more like an action figure then a Transformer in robot mode.
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