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Admittedly, my collection isn't very deep, but here's a few that aren't 10's but I really enjoy them for various reasons:

Movie 2007 Breakaway:
I got this one as a surprise gift, so it's really dear to me. My wife is very conservative with money, but she picked this one up for me on a random shopping trip. He's not the most articulate or complex figure, but I missed out totally on the Unicron Trilogy. I like his chunkiness and sturdiness, and the simplicity of the transformation is something that I think has been missing in some TF lines as of late.

Movie 2007 Fracture:
An awesome mold, in my opinion. Fracture is super articulate and poseable, and a sweet Gobot homage with a great color scheme. Plus, Fracture is the only female bot I have in my collection until Arcee & Chromia come out in the Generations line later this year.

Universe Heavy Load:
In my noob days of getting back into collecting, I didn't even realize this guy was Mixmaster when I picked him up. On a random shopping trip to Toys R Us when I lived halfway across the country from where I am now, I bought him specifically because he's noted as a chemist - and so am I. Just like with Getaway above, I like the chunkiness of this guy, and the Cyber key gimmick doesn't bother me all that much. Plus he came with a mini-con, which would turn out to be my first ever. Fantastically, he also turned out to be the only Constructicon not included in the Classics Devastator I own, so he filled a gap there too.
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