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Three more!

Deluxe Armada Optimus Prime: I remember the hype that this toy got when it was new, and it's no surprise why. It's easily the best-articulated Armada toy, and much better-looking than the bigger, heavily-gimmicked Optimus toy. But by modern standards, he's not as impressive as he used to be. He's got articulation, but the joints don't have the same range of motion that a good modern toy will. His Minicon is also pretty awful, though.

Optimus looks insanely tiny alongside pretty much any other Armada toy, though a part of that is that every other Armada Deluxe was about 25% bigger than that size class was in any other line, which I'll discuss a bit more when we get to Wheeljack. He doesn't look as bad compared to modern figures, though he seems to have started a trend where Deluxe Optimus figures are consistently tinier than every other Deluxe in a line (culminating in RTS Laser Prime, whose sword this Prime appears to have stolen).

All in all I'd say that he's pretty cool, but he's definitely dated. I love the Armada Optimus character design, though, and this is definitely the best rendition of it in toy form.

Armada Wheeljack: Yeah, Wheeljack's big. As you can see above, he's almost exactly the same size as a Masterpiece car or Generations Rhinox, who is a smallish Voyager. But in the Armada days, he was an averageish Deluxe! His large size and simple design makes him seem really oversized, but he's got more articulation and more complex sculpting than your average Armada toy. He's got a great design, but he's just not suited as a display figure unless you've got a lot of other Armada toys to put up there with him. I'd love to see him get a Generations update one of these days, though.

He's also got a cool Minicon partner in Wind Sheer (or is it Windrazor?). A lot of Armada toys came with partners who could have gone with anyone, but these two look like a team and the cohesiveness is nice.

My guess is that one day I'm going to give this one to my (hypothetical) children.

Energon Starscream: Like FE Starscream, I tend to forget this guy because I own way too many Starscream toys. But you know what? He's pretty cool! His shoulder articulation is a bit awkward and his giant Energon weapons (not pictured -- I don't know where they are) look stupid, but all in all I think this is my favourite G1-styled Starscream toy. He's better-looking than the awkward Masterpiece and has much better articulation than the Classics F-15.

At the time I regretted not getting the more G1-coloured version of the toy, but looking more closely at it now, it neither looks good nor all that G1. I wouldn't be at all opposed to seeing the figure done up in a more accurate Starscream colour scheme, though, or even as Thundercracker and Skywarp.

(Things like that are why I miss the old Universe line so much.)

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Reissue G1 Skids
Skids is one of my favourite G1 cars! He's not flashy like Jazz or Sideswipe or Prowl, but I love the way his tall, lanky robot mode explodes out from such a tiny compact vehicle. He's probably the best-engineered of the bunch.

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I love Terradive. I own two copies of that mold. He was surprisingly poseable and he's a fun toy. Felt more like an action figure then a Transformer in robot mode.
You, good sir, are a man of refined tastes!

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Movie 2007 Breakaway
I like this one too! The Cybertron Hot Shot mold is all kinds of fun. I just wish it wasn't so huge compared to other Deluxes, because it looks way too big alongside Classics or Movie cars.

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Movie 2007 Fracture
Always wanted this one, but I don't think I ever saw her in stores. I never liked this mold as Mirage, because Mirage is supposed to be stocky and short, but as a random female character I think it works great.
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