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Ooo, was about to write a piece about BreakGetaway too, who I took out of the shelves thanks to rereading MTMTE. The Cybertron Hot Shot mold, is one of the better ones engineered from the Cybertron line, and so is the other Hot Shot to come from that line:

Universe Roadbuster: Roadbuster comes from the second Hot Shot mould, and in my opinion the Roadbuster colours really suit the military vehicle a lot better than Hot Shot's colourful blue, yellow and red. The mould is simply filled with missile racks, and it suits Roadbuster's personality (i.e. the due with a shit-ton of guns) very well. He's got missile pods everywhere, and his Cyber Key gimmick is localized in the small turret thing, which is cool. He's blocky, yeah, but then so's Roadbuster. And he comes with this wrist-sword that detaches as a dagger! And they painted him so that from a distance he does look like a dude with a visor and a faceplate. Roadbuster is one of those random repaints that work really, really well -- it has a sense of identity that sets it apart from a slavish remake like Generations Roadbuster, but at the same time it's a good homage that makes it a distinct entity from the original Hot Shot toy.

Universe Ratbat: Repainted off Cybertron Sideways, Ratbat is a gorgeous looking robot. Having read the Marvel comics first, when Ratbat shows up as a humanoid robot in both the Dreamwave and IDW comics, I did a double take. Dreamwave sorta did it better by making his face not as humanoid as possible, but still, he's Ratbat! But Universe picks the perfect mold that made me change my opinion. Sideways isn't especially batty, but between his cool-looking swords, the faceless face, the crossbow weapon and all the angles from head to toe, Universe Ratbat is a pretty distinctive looking thing that I have grown really fond of over the years.

Movie Wreckage: A very low-note toy from a rejected Decepticon design from the 2007 movie, I didn't get Wreckage until around a year after he's gone off the shelves, and I ended up really liking him! He's a more solid and less kibbly toy than Brawl and Barricade from the same line, and while he's not quite perfect, a combination of his snowy-white alternate mode, the blood-red robot limbs he grows when he transforms, the skull-like face and the (admittedly rather disappointing now, but freaking awesome when I was a kid) flip-out swords Wreckage just exudes the appearance of a professional assassin-type thing. I really like this dude. He's not as spectacular as my memory had him, but I still like him a fair bit.

Fracture is one I didn't get as well, and in retrospect I really kicked myself for it. I bought her wavemates Breakaway and Crankcase, but I already have a Classics Mirage so I thought 'who collects two of the same mould'? Oh, young and foolish me.

Heavy Load is an old one I have in a box somewhere. He's cool, but for whatever reason I haven't took him out in years. I'll go rescue him from his imprisonment in a moment.
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