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I like this thread.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Energon Sharkticon
I've loved him since I found him in 2004. He has more paint on him than any other mass-market deluxe that I can think of. I also vaguely remember someone making the big missile launchers on his back detachable, but I've never found that thread again.

Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
Universe Nemesis Prime
I still have this one, and still like it. I remember paying roughly $30 on ebay for it around the time of release because the only Target near me didn't stock it.

Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
I have a fondness for generics, be they pretender inner robots or "new character" Actionmasters -- Treadshot has the whole bounty hunter schtick, and the significant paint damage across his visor only adds to that.
Treadshot is one of a few survivors from my childhood... he's managed to hang around unbroken and complete for almost 25 years now.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
2010 Terradive might very well be my favourite Deluxe-class toy ever.
Yep! It's weird to think of 2009/2010 as something like "the good ole days", but the amount of top notch stuff delivered then hasn't been matched since. Terradive is among the best of that crop, too. And I liked the trident... he had an aerial mode, a ground-based name, and a marine weapon. He's a triple threat!
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