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Takara Tigatron: I'll always love the Beast Wars cat mold, but I think the Takara version of Tigatron is my favorite. The mold always came off as a bit too bulky for Cheetor to me, but it fits Tigatron nicely. The Takara version was different in that it was a nice, crisp white instead of the creamy version Hasbro offered.

In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing what a new mold could do in the Generations line, but the 2008 Cheetor mold was terrible, and I'd rather not see another version of that or another failed attempt like it was.

Razorbeast: Probably my favorite of the animal spring-loaded toys. He actually has some minimal articulation as an animal, even if he can only lay on his belly. The robot mode, while basically unpainted, has so much sculpted detail that it overrides the lack of color and gives a lot of character. Fun little fellow!

Street Speed Minicon team: These little guys, along with Unicron, were my first robot purchase in a store as an adult collector. I picked that set because I liked the look of them most out the minicons available at the time. I now understand it to be the contrast in the different iterations of "car to robot" within a single set: the cars are all the same basic shape, yet they turn into robots in different ways. They're also very detailed and reasonably articulate for figures so small, and that they came together in a pack for $7 shows how wide the gap has gotten in price versus size.
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