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Big thumbs up from me for Fracture (I also have her, but one leg is a slightly different shade or red to the other, for some reason ). I used to have Breakaway too, but I didn't like the rather flat colourscheme and papery feeling paint next to the sparkly goodness of Cybertron Hot Shot.

Armada Wheeljack is always one of those cool Armada toys I forget about. I may have to see about tracking one of those down one day...perhaps at AA, if I'm lucky.

Do like RiD Black Convoy as well - Love it so much it put the G2 Laser Prime in the shade that ended up selling him as he just looked kind of goofy next to BC.

Just having a look at what else I like, and I'm surprised how many are, er, Universe repaints...!

Universe Ratchet
A bit spoiled by the penny pinching on the mould - he really could use a proper light bar rather than a crappy tampograph - but still rocks a killer mix of black, white, red and chrome!

Universe Soundwave & Spacecase
Just look at those colours! The Stalker mould is vastly improved by Soundwave's radioactive colours and I love the big radioactive Smartie thats stuck on him. The G2 Cyberjets were funky little chaps and Spacecase has a massive upgrade here with some rather more sturdy plastics and a nicer set of colours. Bit of a shame that Hasbro didn't have one of the Predator jet moulds available as it would have been great to get some proper use out of Soundwave's Mega-Visor gimmick. Especially as they could have kept the Rotorstorm slide in place as that mould also ended up repurposed for Universe ... as Whirl.

Universe Reptilion
A figure I picked up whilst sourcing a Frostbite (I love Frostbite) off the back of reading Warcry's review or a thread or something. I love the mad nuclear colours. They work less well in robot mode, but its still looks crackers. Bit of a shame the frill is prone to popping off - at least one my example - which isn't a problem I've had with mould mate Iguanus.

New Constructicons
Now the only remnants of my European Transformers collection. They can't combine and were clearly just cheap filler to pad out the ranks but I like them just as much (if not slightly more) as my beloved G1 Constructicons.
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