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When Alternators were first coming out, I remember reading that villians don't sell as well as heroes in Japan, which was why Autobots were dominating that line up. Hasbro released a black Sunstreaker as Dead End since there weren't many Decepticons planned. The few AoE Decepticons being in later waves might be for the same reason.

How many different sub-lines are there? I can think of 8, but I may have missed some.
* Titan Heroes
* Dino Sparkers
* One-Step Deluxes
* Power Battlers
* Flip/Smash-and-Change Voyagers
* Generations
* Kre-O
* Construct-Bots

Even then, you can multiple figures of the same character within a line. There's two paint schemes for Bumblebee, a Generations Drift for each alt mode, and Dinobot Custom Kreons in addition to the larger builds. It's not only confusing, but if an unpopular sub-line shelfwarms, retailers might not order the next wave of any toys, since their shelves are still full of Transformers.

Plus, designing all those versions of each character meant the design team had less time to spend on each one. The Deluxe Lockdown is just going to have a gun that connects to the head. Maybe the design team could have figured out a way to have the face gun transform out of the figure if they didn't have to design and sculpt half a dozen Strafes.

I'm guessing the lines of kiddie-figs were in response to complaints about previous movie line toys being too complicated for younger children. But, the Generations AoE toys I own are already simpler than the ROTF toys. This is a good thing, since some of those ROTF toys were too complicated to be fun. But, they seem to have solved this problem more times than necessary.
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