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Universe Fireflight really does look odd. The Beast Machines figure looks better with its darker colours, but having the whole front of the aircraft as an arm is just...silly.

I miss having lots of paint on Transformers. They just look so much nicer with all the cool detailing picked out. I think thats why the toys from the turn of the century are among my favourites. They just look spot on.

Prime was a frustrating line. You had some real gems in there like Wheeljack, Vehicon, Soundwave, Bulkhead and Starscream and then absolute stinkers like Airachnid and Bumblebee. The engineering was generally of a very impressive standard (except on the Predacons. Ugh). Just a shame paint applications were at a premium. Poor Ratchet looks so bland. Horrible weapon accessories for nearly all of them too.

Energon Mirage! One of those toys I only ever saw in catalogue shots. He never made it to the UK (there was that uncomfortable gap in Energon which saw a lot of stuff just skipped altogether over here), so I am glad to hear he is as awesome as he looked
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