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Never really collected much of the other lines, save some Classics (et al) and the odd Beast Wars figures. None of which are near me, let alone the same State.

Did fiddle around with them during the holidays though, so here's a few.

Classics Cliffjumper: An odd one, I'll admit. As it has been said a few hundred times throughout the internet, the Classic Bumblebee mold is brilliant in its simplicity. It's a fun little design with an intuitive transformation, and a cute alt mode that matches the cute robot form. It's held up well over the years. But for me, I thought it looked striking in red. I dunno, I just prefer it over the yellow deco. A lot of people, I recall, didn't care much for it (mostly because of the silver... errr, splatters? pealing paint? 90's style X-TREME paintjob?), but the red, grey and black in Cliffy's bot mode, it just sings to me.

Classics Mirage: Like the 'Bee mold, a lot of praise has been heaped on this guy. He's the ballerina of the Classics et al line(s), I've heard bandied about. He's fun to fiddle around with, and that transformation... how can I describe it? It's smooth, I guess, just the way everything folds, and flips and extends. Love the aesthetic of the robot mode, too. It conveys a sort of speedster look; it's lithe and kind of elegant.

Universe Hound: It's Universe, right? Again, another popular one. Not much else I can say about Hound that hasn't been said before. He, uh, looks great...? Fun and intuitive transformation, like with Cliffjumper and Mirage but a touch more complex, with some clever engineering tossed in here and there (love the way the legs fold out, how the alt mode's seats become the outer thighs). Hound is a fine example of taking the 1984 aesthetic and updating it, maintaining a sense of continuity between Hound's classic and modern look.

And as a bonus, he comes packed with Ravage, which he really didn't have to.

Now, why the **** haven't we seen this mold reused more often? I keep saying it, but retool the guy into Ironfist, already! It's a near perfect fit.
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