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Prime Knock Out
This mould is slightly unloved by fandom, but I think its pretty darn good. The vehicle mode is ace, this great boxy little muscle car I can instantly picture bombing along the road. The robot mode comes in for a lot of flak for not being like the CGI model and for suffering the same problem as FoC Swindle (i.e. he's a load of sticks with a poncho) , but he carries it off much much better. Love it.

Beast Machines Scavenger
Another slightly unloved mould, no doubt due to its ubiquity and just being plain weird. I like him 'cos he reminds me of the Scutters from Red Dwarf. His plastics are just lush too.

Binaltech Asterisk Alert
This toy got a lot of stick simply because he wasn't Prowl, but I don't care! Its nice to see Red Alert getting some love. Some QC issues slightly hobble the figure, unfortunately. As you can see, his shoulders are a bit loose and prone to slumping down. The breadbasket doesn't clip into the waist properly either.

Generation 2 Optimus Prime
Sexy black trailer. That is all.

TFC Resissue Perceptor
Perceptor was a figure that never made it to the UK and I never knew how empty my life was without him. I love the device-formers from the original line and its a shame that this sort of infiltration aspect of Transformers has been lost over the years (not helped, it has to be said, by the slightly feeble Real Gear robots and bloody Ejector). I also have E-Hobby Magnificus whom I also like, but its Perceptor's cheery colours that win me over. Brilliant.
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