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Good grief. Most of the stuff we're talking about here isn't all that old, is it. Need to add in some more old stuff, quick!

Beast Wars Metals Ravage: Ravage was always one of my favorites back in G1, and I was thrilled when I watched The Agenda. Ravage was back! WooHoo! What do you mean Hasbro isn't making him?!? As you can guess, this kind of bummed me out. The closest we got to Ravage was a recolor of the TM2 Cheetor. I'd already gotten the TM2 Cheetor for reasons I've never been able to figure out(I'm thinking I hit my head), and I wasn't about to get another version of that mold. Fortunately, at that point I had found eBay, and was able to get the Japanese version, which was a recolored and modified TM Cheetor. And he still looks sweet, if a little dusty.

BotCon 2005 Ironhide: Admittedly, I'm biased when it comes to Ironhide, but this mold was originally the Energon figure Tow Line figure, and it was a good one. He's also the only figure who can powerlinx with himself.

Human Alliance Bumblebee: A great representation of Movie 'Bee, and well designed. Although poor Sam has that wonderful dull surprise look.

Human Alliance Barricade: This, though, was the HA figure I wanted. Well, that and Human Alliance Ironhide, but they never made him, sadly. But a good, transformable, looks like the guy in the movie Barricade was what I wanted, and this figure filled that particular want. And the Frenzy figure is just nuts.

DOTM Leader Class Ironhide: They finally give us the Ironhide figure we've wanted since the '07 movie. He's not perfect(arm cannons are a bit undersized, and would it have killed them to get his VA to give the 2 phrases they programmed into him?), but he's still a beautiful rendition of movie Ironhide?

HFTD Ironhide: This was my favorite version of the movie Ironhide mold until the Leader class came out. Yes, he's only a deluxe, but he's great!

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