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For something a little more obscure, here's a bunch of Arms Microns which I posted a review of, like a minute ago. I've never touched these guys for the better part of a year. The Bumblebee Micron does find itself a new niche replacing my G1 Crosshairs' missing Targetmaster, but they're otherwise invariably messy and horrible and stickery and lumpy and disappointments all around.

A pair of toys I just got out from display are Prime Bulkhead and the Takara-exclusive Prime Breakdown. Both are wonderful, wonderful Voyager-class toys that look great, is show accurate and generally great all around. Simply perfection. Breakdown is the weaker of the two thanks to his rather static lower arms and having freakin' stickers (though to his credit, Breakdown's stickers hasn't peeled off the way the far newer Arms Microns have). I don't like needlessly praising Takara, since I'm still sore over the idiocy that is the Arms Microns, but Breakdown? Breakdown's awesome and I got him for what amounts to retail price. Ain't nothing better than that.

Another toy I just mucked around is... PCC Chainclaw, I think? I think he's called Chainclaw. The three Power Core Combiners Minicons I own are called Caliburst, Backwind and Chainclaw, but for the love of me I can't remember which is which. This one is the blue one that comes with Icepick (who himself is an awesome thing I'll talk about later), and he transforms from a rather convincing robot into a missile pod thing and into what's basically a Powermaster engine. The missile pod is one of the cooler Targetmaster weapons I've owned, and he's probably one of the few clear plastic transformer toys I actually like.

Originally Posted by Warcry
Classics Astrotrain
Astrotrain's kind of weak around now, and considering the mess that Octane and Blitzwing turned out to be, he's the best Decepticon triple-changer out there. I've had an inordinate fondness of Astrotrain ever since I got him, though. Mine is the Henkei version and as such in my opinion has a superior paintscheme than the predominantly white Hasbro release, and while it's shown its age compared to many newer Classics toys I still am really fond of my space choo-choo.

Originally Posted by Notabot
Energon Mirage
Mirage is one of the toys that I've always desired. The Energon toyline might have turned out a bunch of lumpy monstrosities for the Autobots, but they did the Decepticons well and I've always thought that Mirage and Sharkticon are two of the more awesome ones. We need more boat Decepticons dammit!

He's also redecoed as Banzaitron in one of the Botcons, I think, which I thought was cool.

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Classics Cliffjumper
Cliffjumper is another one I dug out from the back of the shelves. He's an awesome little toy! I'm not as big a fan of this mould as some of the other redesigns I own, but it's not terrible. The red Bumblebee head always bugged me, but other than that he's a fun little toy. I'm not quite sure just what the jetski accessory is supposed to be in robot mode, though.

Originally Posted by zigzagger
Classics Mirage:
I've personally always loved the Mirage mould! He's another one that I own from the Henkei toyline, and the only one whose chrome is still perfect. Mirage is basically perfect, so much that he has supplanted the ugly blocky mess of a character model. Every single time Mirage shows up in fiction in his original G1 body I do a double-take, since Mirage isn't supposed to be blocky like that, he's supposed to be lithe and sleek and awesome.

Originally Posted by zigzagger
Now, why the **** haven't we seen this mold reused more often? I keep saying it, but retool the guy into Ironfist, already! It's a near perfect fit.
I've never actually considered Ironfist for a Hound redeco, but you're absolutely right! Certainly a better fit than the random Swindle that the Club uses for him, and Hound's robot mode can be easily altered to look different -- the position of his wheels, removing the silver bar on the chest... Hound works as Ironfist on so many levels.

Redeco Ravage as Howlback or Glitter or something else and it's bought on sight.

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Prime Knock Out
I personally didn't hate Knock Out either. He's never going to be remembered for being a ZOMG AWESOME TOY, and the Prime toyline has been famous for realizing stuff that should on paper be impossible -- Soundwave, FE Starscream and FE Bulkhead in particular. Sure, he could stand to be more show-accurate and have more yellow here and there, but Knock Out is not the worst toy I've ever seen and certainly not one I hate.

Originally Posted by Skyquake87
Beast Machines Scavenger
Now let me be honest here and say I would totally buy BM Scavenger, that wacky thing that he is. I've always thought BM fails on all levels for the Maximal toys, but the Vehicons all look awesome or awesomely weird, including Scavenger.

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Beast Wars Metals Ravage
You lucky SOB! Metals Ravage is one of the crazily awesome things that come out of Takara and is just perfect. I would love to track him down someday.

I don't particularly hate TM2 Ravage because Don Figueroa made him cool in the IDW comics I read at a younger age, but it certainly can't hold a candle to Metals Ravage.

Originally Posted by Heinrad
HFTD Ironhide: This was my favorite version of the movie Ironhide mold until the Leader class came out. Yes, he's only a deluxe, but he's great!
I've always thought he needed bigger cannons and more paint applications on his legs, but HFTD Ironhide is one of my all-time favourite deluxes. The HFTD movie moulds are awesome, aren't they? Seven years of movie toylines, and the undisputed stars that stand in the middle of my collection are HFTD Ironhide, Battle Blades Bumblebee and Battle Blades Optimus Prime. I don't think any other toy in my Movie collection comes even close to the sheer quality this trio possesses.

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Classics Skywarp
I own the Classics Seeker mold in Starscream, Thundercracker, Thrust, Dirge and Acid Storm flavours. I really, really want a Skywarp, though!
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