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A couple of months ago, I managed to break the arm off the Legends class Demolishor (part of Devastator). This kindly agitated me as I've consistently played with the set since its release five years prior. But one twist in the wrong direction and SNAP. I managed to reconnect his arm with glue and melting it a bit, and he now works fine as a single robot, but it can't support the weight of Scrapper for the combined mode. So the search for a replacement began... as I say, it took a couple of months! Individual listings for specific Legends Constructicons are few and far between, and I never could find Demolishor by himself, at least not in red.

But yesterday, this guy arrived!

That's Shangai attack Demolishor. He was an exclusive giveaway figure at Toys R Us Japan back in 2010. Never thought I'd bother with tracking one down (he was a tad expensive!), and I put off deciding on him for a replacement for a couple of months (he was a tad expensive!), but I didn't really want to buy a complete other set just for the sake of one broken arm.

But what's really funny is where he came from... Shangai! So I have a Shanghai attack Demolishor from Shanghai. Neat! Devastator is colored a bit differently now, but it's good to have him back together:

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