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Default Transformers vs GIJOE #1

Holy hell.

That was incredible.

Scioli really pulled it off - juggling all those goofy Joe characters, putting several interesting spins on a scene and premise we've seen a dozen times before (most notably, in the new season of Robots in Disguise - this leaves that series in the dust), and doesn't make it seem as though the Transformers are playing second fiddle to the Joes even though the Joes end the issue with the definite upper hand.

The 'pre-credit' sequence with Cobra remnant in Springfield, USA was great and I liked all the gags that peppered it.

Also - best showing for Ravage in quite some time. Shockwave gets a very subsidary role but I think that's okay as he's had a big year. I'm sure he, Soundwave and Starscream will be back soon.

And I quite like the timeskip since the preview issue. I hope we get some more of those to move the franchises through their releases in good time.
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