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Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
ROTF Brawn was cool. I liked him.
I never liked him, but I'm not sure why. Maybe because I thought it was silly to name a toy "Brawn" and then slap zillions of guns on it? He looks pretty cool, though.

Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
I passed on those Universe Minibots. They showed up randomly on clearance in the UK, bypassing main retail. Whilst they looked nifty, I get bored with seeing constant anthropomorphised faces on Autobots. I like that some of the original toys look alien and odd.
There's nothing I'd love more than to see toy-accurate heads on toys of Bumblebee or Brawn or Gears, but I'm afraid that ship has sailed.

Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
Generations Skullgrin
Oh yes. I tend to keep Straxus out on display instead, because he's Straxus and how do you not love that? But I actually like Skullgrin a little better. He just looks like a big, hulking barbarian! I sliced off the ends of his pick-axe weapon to make it look more like a barbarian's club, though.

Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
More Decepticons, please Hasbro!
Agreed! The last few years have been very Autobot-heavy in the Generations line, especially when you discount the multiple Megatrons and Seekers.

Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
One of the best G1 toys, IMO. Mine didn't survive my childhood, alas.

Still can't wrap my head around why he wasn't released at retail.

Some more from me!

10th Anniversary Waspinator doesn't look like much up against his newer, shinier Generations counterpart, but show accuracy aside he's easily the better toy. He has functioning knees, for one, and his wing articulation isn't crippled by an annoying gimmick. I also love that he's got a head-switching gimmick that actually works, something that most of the early BW toys tried and almost none of them got right (only Waspy and Scorponok pull it off without looking stupid, IMO).

Generations Waspy has displaced him from my main BW shelf just by dint of looking better, but this is a good, solid design. I wouldn't mind picking up Buzz Saw or one of the wacky Fox Kids designs (or, hell, even the BWII remold...Dirgegun?) one day in order to have an example of it that's not been shoved off by an inferior-but-pretty toy, but right now I don't have the room.

Generations Drift was sort of hard to evaluate at the time, because IDW's antagonistic hard sell of the character made him pretty much the most loathed Transformer ever for a brief while. Now that that haze has cleared, though, it's a lot easier to look at the guy with a dispassionate eye. Unfortunately, that eye doesn't really like what it sees. The figure looks like a million bucks in light blue as Blurr, and that makes poor Drift, with his off-white and dried-ketchup red, seem really bland. That makes it harder to overlook the not-so-great articulation. The figure's chunky design gives him a nice, unique silhouette, but it also means he's got about eighty huge bits of car hanging off him at different angles, all wanting to occupy the same space when you transform or pose him. Trying to make him look cool with his swords is not easy, and again he compares poorly to Blurr and his guns.

Also his big sword is so soft that it bends under its own weight if you pose it any way but vertically, which really pisses me off.

Robot Masters Star Saber. Well, okay, bootleg RM Star Saber. But still. Even ignoring the poor-quality bootleg plastics, he's still a laughable piece of crap. No leg articulation? No head articulation? An alt-mode that looks like a folded up robot? He's like an Armada toy without the cool play features. I can't believe this is what passed for a collectors' toy in 2004. I also have a bootleg of Victory Leo hanging around somewhere, but he's even worse. The best thing about spending $8 on these guys? They convinced me not to shell out $80 or whatever for the real thing.

The sad thing is, I like Star Saber. I'd love to have a good, modern toy of him. This isn't it. And I'm certainly not shelling out for the Masterpiece, I don't like him that much. Maybe he'll show up in Generations, one day?
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