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Default Book Me, Dano.

We've threads for DVD's, music, toys computer games and prostitutes, so I thought it was time for a thread on the books we were reading as well. I usually have about ten on the go, but the main ones at the moment:

Poirot and Me by David Suchet. Bought for me by my mother to go with my watching of the show, a very sweet book where Suchet comes over as a genuinely nice man with lots of good actorly annecdotes. however, as with Roger Moore's book on Bond from a couple of years ago you can feel the join between the bits Suchet wrote (thoughts on how to play the character and how well each film worked) and the bits done by his ghost writer ("The Murder of Roger Ackroyd was first published in 192X and critics at the time said...").

Shame it's not called Bigfoot and the Hendersons and Me though, even if it was pleasing he mentions that film as a fun one to make.

Skyship by John Brosnan. Brosnan's It's Only a Movie column in Starburst magazine was a huge influence on my writing style so I was pleased to see Golance put out a 2 ebook version of several of his novels as part of their "Forgotten stuff in our back catalogue we can get a bit of money out of digitally" range.

It's incredibly cheesy- as any book about the maiden voyage of a nuclear powered airship that people aren't expecting will go horribly wrong is wont to be- but huge daft fun and has just the right amount of tongue in its cheek thus far.
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