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I can rarely handle having more than one book on the go at any given moment, but what I tend to do is line up the books I'm planning to read so I can move from one into the next without too much deliberation. It also means I can plan out to a ridiculously minute amount of detail what I'm reading next; I can space out series of books, make sure ones I'm not sure I'll like are sandwiched between sure things and so on.

I'll take a picture of the books on my shelf at some point as its currently ridiculous; I just got back from visiting family, during which I visited a massive second-hand book warehouse and bought eleven more novels to read, including eight star trek novels.

As for what I'm reading right now; book two of a four-volume edition of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which for an eight hundred year old book about two thousand year old Chinese history is surprisingly readable.

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