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Yeah, I'm actually surprised that the verdict for this series has been almost unanimously good...

Am I the only one out there to find the dialogue extremely dull, the art terribly clunky, random scenes inserted here and there and the whole affair generally ridiculous?

I know that it's trying to go for a retro kind of look, and I respect that, but a lot of the times I find the art outright screaming bad instead of nostalgic. I'm not a big fan of the big battle scenes with badly drawn people running in the background like something from a colouring book. We've got Starscream's head randomly popping down from his jet mode, the scene with Tomax and Xamot kicking that Joe, Soundwave shaking the humans down into his chest, we've got the scene with the Joes cutting open Soundwave's chest, that horribly drawn group of jets in the background when the Decepticons landed... battle scenes in particular generally look awkward and static it all looks terrible to me.

Storywise I find the pacing tedious, and the randomly inserted 'the Plan' interlude which took a fair bit to read and realize it's a random flashback instead of something taking place concurrently because all the Duke Hawk Flint all look the same to me... random scenes of Snake-Eyes cutting down a tree, or Duke and Scarlett meeting a street prophet...

There was a couple of points when dialogue was covered by the art or other speech bubbles. Is it intentional? It looks like it's intentional. If it's supposed to be a joke of any sort I don't get it.

The random space Buddha comment? The hell is that about.

Yeah, trying to keep an open mind after absolutely loathing issue #0, and while it's an improvement I'm sorry to say that this is not a series I like at all. There are some pretty interesting concepts like the Joes using a giant space laser (granted it's something that's been done in both the first Devil's Due mini, Dreamwave's Armada and the Prime cartoon), having Snake-Eyes as this villainous vendetta-ridden maniac and having Joes invade Cybertron (and it's also been done in the third Devil's Due series) but generally the issue just feels so tedious and trying too hard to try and pull off this way of parody-not-parody storytelling that doesn't work at all for me.
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