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Yeah, but that's what this issue generally feels to be. It just feel that it's bordering on parody levels of randomness (and that word really conveys how I feel about this series as a whole). One moment you have big cover page style letters pockmarking a page, and you jump from a dark-era-style 'kill a transformer violently' with Ravage getting stabbed through the head with the most ridiculous tomahawk I've ever seen, then you have this giant Cobra mothership that looks like a rejected idea from the 80's cartoon...

I get that they're attempting something different. There are a bunch of different concepts here compared to other TF/GI Joe crossovers, like Snake-Eyes being the villain, or Bumblebee dying in the first issue, or the Joes riding a spaceship to Cybertron... but the general execution of the art and scripting simply disagrees with me and I think that's saying something considering I slogged through a lot of other idiotic Transformers-related crap and never have I been so indifferent to something. I'm just surprised that I seem to be the only one out there who hates this thing, since practically every review I see is singing praises about how this is the best comic ever. Maybe I just don't "get" the retro storytelling? I dunno.
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