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I can totally understand that - Scioli is of a very academic breed of cartoonists where its taken for granted that every element is meticulously placed. For example, the thing about The Plan page is that you don't know the plan, Scarlett says that the plan is working, you turn the page and a palette shift tells you that you're in a different setting and the title cheekily tells you up front that you're being told all about The Plan now. It's a moment you're supposed to chuckle at - 'I can't believe he would go right ahead and DO that, it's so audacious!'

But then if you're not an overinvested snob like me you might not have that reaction.

I feel a lot like Professor Frink - 'No you can't play with it, you won't enjoy it on as many levels as I do... Mm-hai bw-ha whoa-hoa. The colours, children.'
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