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I can totally understand that - Scioli is of a very academic breed of cartoonists where its taken for granted that every element is meticulously placed.
Mmm, I'm not at all familiar with Scioli's work and to an extent I do love these kind of artists with meticulous detail on everything, except that for me at least, in the case of this particular series neither the art nor the script are catchy enough to drive enough interest for me to notice every single thing in every panel instead of just flipping the page waiting for something interesting to happen.

With most 'bad' comics I've read, usually one or the other manages to be somewhat good or at least attention-grabbing enough not for me to get so... bored, I suppose? At points the script and art just feel so childish and/or ugly that I just want to get it over quickly so any joke that hinges on me paying real close attention flies over my head. It borders on parody without actually poking fun at things and it ends up feeling blah.

For example, the thing about The Plan page is that you don't know the plan, Scarlett says that the plan is working, you turn the page and a palette shift tells you that you're in a different setting and the title cheekily tells you up front that you're being told all about The Plan now. It's a moment you're supposed to chuckle at - 'I can't believe he would go right ahead and DO that, it's so audacious!'
Yeah, it totally makes sense when I flipped back and went 'oh, they said something about a plan', but in between all the random "noise", so to speak, of random Starscream heads peeking out of the bottom of the jet and big announcements a la old comic book cover pages and the countdown numbers, well, it simply gets lost in the presentation and the joke just falls flat.

But then if you're not an overinvested snob like me you might not have that reaction.
Yeah, must chalk it up to differing tastes I suppose.

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