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Default Hasbro releases: Prime Wars, Titans Return, Robots in Disguise, Masterpiece, etc. toys


Seibertron Menasor/Superion gallery
Press pictures

Big theme for 2015 is Combiners, and is confirmed to be 100% Scramble City. It's also confirmed to be unrelated to the Fall of Cybertron Bruticus gimmick (yesss). Superion will be the first released, with each team more or less corresponding around the same wave and IDW will create additional pack-in comics to explain their origin. IDW released a preview image by Livio showing Superion and Menasor.

Click on the pictures just to look at the toys, yeah? Not all of the individual members are seen, as far as I can tell they only showed the ones from deluxe wave 1 and the two team leaders.

Deluxe wave 1 includes Firefly (new name for Fireflight), Skydive, Dragstrip and Alpha Bravo (new name for Slingshot)
Deluxe wave 2 includes Air Raid, Dead End, Breakdown and Offroad (new name for Wildrider)
Voyager wave 1 includes Silverbolt and Optimus Prime (the one we saw before who is apparently combiner compatible to some degree)
Voyager wave 2 includes Motormaster (no longer Motorhead!)

Legends wave 1 will include Powerglide (who is compatible as a gun for Superion), Thundercracker, Windcharger (repaint of Tailgate) and Bombshell (no longer Hardshell!). We saw most of these guys at Botcon without partners, and it seems like they won't be having them.


Cartoon screenshots

We've heard about Robots in Disgsuise before, the next cartoon. It's set in the same continuity with TF: Prime and has a good chunk of the original creative team, but not directly taking place after that series. Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are confirmed to return, and the rest of the Prime cast may make an appearance if the show is renewed for a second season. The show is a hybrid between Animated and Prime aesthetically.

Among other confirmed characters are Sideswipe (he's red and he's got arm blades), Fixit (who has wheels instead of feet and a boxy head) and Strongarm (female Autobot police car who's the team rookie), Underbite (Decepticon dinosaur that turns into a car) plus the Dinobots are confirmed, but not a lot have been revealed yet. There's also a bunch of new human cast of course. Confirmed voice actors include Will Friedle (returning as Bumblebee), Mitchell Whitfield (Fixit), Darren Criss (Sideswipe), Constance Zimmer and Ted McGinley.

Line will apparently be split a la Age of Extinction. The toyline preview includes One-Step Changers Sideswipe and Underbite, Deluxe Class Bumblebee, Legion/Legends Class Optimus PRime and Strongarm.

Trailer for the cartoon. Ground Bridges make a return from Prime, Optimus Prime appears to be a ghost.

Random exclusive Protectobots:

Seems to be just a store exclusive: one set contains ROTF Blazemaster as Blades and Universe Grapple as Hot Spot, the other contains Prime Ratchet as First Aid, Prime Prowl as Streetwise and Prime Legends Arcee as Groove.

What you don't expect from these Protectobots is that they seem to homage the obscure Guard City team. Hot Spot at least has Fire Chief's colour, and the rest are reasonably similar to Fly-Up, Streetstar and motorcycle-dude-who-I-forgot Sparkride. Safety's all wrong though. I blame Zigzagger for the fact that I know what these guys look like.

Other Stuff:
From the various Seibertron/TFW2005/Allspar threads, they had a trailer for Angry Birds Transformers, new Kre-O you can transform without taking apart, Platinum Edition Grimlock/Prime 2-packs exclusive to K-Mart, Masterpiece Grimlock exclusive to TRU and G1 colors Slog as an Amazon exclusive.

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