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A few more thoughts, after looking at them more closely and seeing what other folks are saying...

"Slingshot" is pretty close to Vortex, isn't he? He's got the guy's cartoon model head, the same alt-mode, and big weapon pods on the sides of his helicopter. Hasbro planning ahead for an eventual Bruticus, perhaps?

"Wildrider" is very odd because he's neither got the right alt-mode or colours. People on other boards have pointed out that the mold (though not the colours) looks an awful lot like Ruckus of all people.

Regardless of who they're designed to be, it's easy to imagine those two redecoed (maybe with new heads) as Blades and First Aid, and one of the Stunticon cars turned into Streetwise. Then you're only two new molds away from a Defensor.

The inclusion of a sixth member of the teams in Legends form really opens up the field for what they can do, if they continue this gimmick and don't just finish out the line with a bunch of redecos of molds we've already seen. The Seacons already have the "gestalt uses one team member as a gun" thing down, a Legends-class chestplate would make a six-member Devastator work, and the same could be said for Monstructor.

The Aerialbots look really cool in robot mode (though it's a shame about Skydive's head), but their alt-modes are pretty awful. The arms are clearly visible in the stock photos. Stunticons are sort of the opposite, with cool cars but less-than-cool robots.
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