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Ah, the Energon combiners. So much potential cruelly wasted by compromise and some odd design choices. I do like Sledge, Treadshot (ghastly name) and Blackout. All the rest are pretty horrible.

Some others from me...

TFCC Seacons
Expensive, poor quality control and the world's flimsiest plastics let down what could have been a cracking set. But! The colours man, just look at them! Okay, the grey/ orange combo is a bit wishy washy on Seawing and Nautilator, but the blacks, purples and yellows on everyone else look brilliant. I have also discovered that Piranacon (why do I always think the gestalt is called Piranaking?) is much more stable if you put his legs on back to front. It doesn't look as pretty, but means he's less top heavy and gets rid of that horrible lean that this gestalt always had. Probably not a set I'd ever recommend to anyone, truth be told. The cheaper TRU reissue has much better plastics and is probably what most folk are after from the Seacons.

Transformers Collection / Encore Megatron
I love the original Megatron toy. He's hefty and fragile and dangerous all at the same time. Maybe its the handgun alt mode, but there's something about Megatron that gives me pause. The UK, lacking the right to bear arms, isn't awash with guns so its kind of a weird thing to handle a toy that's based on something used for killing people (or 'defense', if you prefer). I like the TFC reissue for its fun accessories - the Energon Mace etc, but its the Encore version with that bad ass airbrushed artwork and lovely purple box that tickles my nostalgia. Oh yes.

Binaltech Smokescreen (BT08 - 2004 version)
Smokescreen was so good he got another outing in the second year of Binaltech, using a sightly different Subaru Impreza alt mode (I can't tell you the model), which is a little more round looking, has different hubs and has, for me, more of the bounce I associate with rally cars. This version came with one of two race numbers (2 or 8, if IIRC) used by different drivers. The sponsor decals are different from the original and the robot mode looks a wee bit more tubby. Best of all, he comes with a rocket launcher - with launching Missile! Plus the gorgeous sparkly paint, diecast, chrome and rubber one associates with these figures. Put that in your tailpipe and smoke it , MP Cars!

Beast Machines Terrandon
Yeah, he's a comedy jumble of animal parts around the world's stockiest robo dude, but by God he's a lovely thing. The skin texture is amazing, he's done in this lovely rich bronze/brown shimmering tone, has a bunch of cool secondary colours going on in robot mode, excellent detailing and a silly 'dead' mode and a gun he can barely hold, but he is just great and fun and one of my very favourite Transformers toys ever. Makes poor Guiledart look a bit anemic by comparrison.

Alernity Banzaitron
Something of a forgotten line these days, this sequel series to Binaltech took the same basic concept (licensed vehicles, realistic interiors blah blah blah) and shrunk it down to a 1:32 scale. The fiction is just preposterous nonsense, so we'll ignore that. I didn't care for many of the designs (such as there were), but do like my Convoy Super Black. To go with him, I chanced upon this colourful looking bad ass. He's some sort of exclusive or other and is just a straight redeco of the Seekers. Banzaitron isn't the most successful Alternity design - he has some looseness reminiscient of Gobots where plastic parts move against metal - and has some epic proportion problems (his legs are just sooooo long), but I like the glossy paints and that they've taken all that cool Binaltech engineering and squished it into something the size of a regular deluxe toy. The mould works well as Banzaitron and I also like the vehicle mode, just because it looks a big smiley face on wheels.
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