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These aren't kreons, but I didn't think they warranted another thread.

The Kre-o Sideswipe head is red, so I made a G2 version of him.

The elbows are red in this pic since I forgot I had white socket bricks at first, and forgot to retake the back view picks at second.

I know the wheels should be mounted on the torso side of the shoulders, not the arm side. But, mounting the wheels on the arm side did a good job of blocking the view of the ball joints while not hindering mobility. Plus, it left the torso side free to mount some of these:

He's got G1 and G2 accessories. The missle's the wrong color, but it does fire.

I wanted a two-headed Shockwave like in AoE, but Hasbro isn't making one, I don't have enough purple bricks, and Shockwave kreons only come with expensive sets. Fortunately, Construct-Bots are dirt cheap now.

For each head, there's a small clip reaching back from the torso, then a long clip reaching up from that to the ball jointed neck piece.

He has a car mode, but there's some partsforming since both heads won't fit in the chest cavity. Both heads and one neck come off; the other neck folds away without detaching. The extra neck stores under the car. The heads attach to the front, with the eyes posing as headlights.

The wheels came from Dead End, who I modified into a jet with the extra parts from the Optimus/Megatron 2-pack. Unlike the original jet kits, the wings attach to the torso like with the Seekers. The only partsforming is the swords. I thought about using Starscream's head and Soundwave's yellow skeleton to make him into Sunstorm, but I like the way he looks now.

This is a WIP:

The good news is that I think I've got the seat/waist design worked out so that one of these could ride another. The bad news is that I ran out of parts before I could finish this one. I'm out of ball joint bricks, and don't even have another wheel like this one. I have a decent idea of what I need, so next time I'm at a toy store, I'll see if I can get what I'm missing.

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