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I've always... not-hated the Energon combiners. I have the Universe reissues doled out in quasi-G1 colours, and I thought they were cool little toys if not exactly GEEWUN, and despite my rather scathing reviews on them back in the day I have grown rather fond of them.

(I can source images from my old reviews! Also realize I need to retake these sometime soon in the future. Maybe rewrite the reviews too someday.)

Warcry doesn't cover Silverbolt (or Storm Jet, as his original mold is called, I think?) and he basically sucks. He's not a really solid center piece for a combiner, and in robot mode he's got these massive blocks for hands and is generally unattractive all around. Compared to Onslaught (or Barricade, as Warcry had covered above), Silverbolt is really, really weak. I do find Onslaught's Leia buns hilarious, though.

Personally think that the two Aerialbot molds are pretty decent jets and robots (I thought the Air Raid/Airazor (Treadshot in Energon) one is kinda... unattractive in robot mode? I dunno. Really love Fireflight/Sykdive (a.k.a. Sky Shadow), though, from his unasymmetric look to his turbine gloves to those flight goggles.

The Combaticons make better limbs, but Brawl/Blast Off the tank is kind of a crappy ski-feeted robot with an annoying head design. Do love Blast Off's colours, though. Swindle/Vortex the helicopter is a lot more solid, coming with dual-barreled rifles and generally looking the least kibble-tastic in both robot and alternate mode.

Bruticus and Superion themselves aren't that impressive thanks to the sucky hands and feet, but otherwise serviceable as display pieces.

This inspired me to dig out Fall of Cybertron Bruticus... nope, he's still as crap as he was when I first played with him. He has really nice colours, though. He makes an attractive display piece.

I also liberated Supreme Class Predaking from where he was hanging out in the living room alongside the other ornaments there. He's a really simple toy, isn't he? Rather fun to fiddle with, but the oversimplification and the general lack of paint (partly due to the idiotic light-up feature) makes him feel a lot less impressive than he can be. The stupid spring-loaded gimmick that forces his dragon head in a reared-up position unless you force the issue is also annoying. Though those orange wings do look really badass.

He is a great, great toy that makes the inner five year old so happy. As a show-accurate representation of the show's Predaking he does it surprisingly well too... as an articulated collector's item? Not so much.

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