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The Power Core Combiners are kind of bad. I have the Combaticons and I'm really sorry I ever got them. (I've just realized the amount of Combaticon toys I have amassed over various lines without even really liking them as characters. Huh.)

(Barring Swindle. Swindle's cool)

The Combaticons came with Bombshock too, who is totally shit and I think I broke his leg. He's probably chilling out in the box of shame. The other PCC dudes aren't so bad... Searchlight and Hugger are mostly inoffensive toys... no big flaws that make me hate them, but have several little ones thanks to their combining gimmick.. Searchlight comes with whirling blades! That in itself was awesome enough. Icepick is probably my favourite out of the ones I own, just by looking pretty badass with those claws and turning into the most mental snowmobile you'll ever see. Icepick is a cool dude (no pun intended) that seems to have the PCC gimmick installed at a later gimmick, and he's awesome for that.

Will dig him out sometime.
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