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Here's how my Power Core Combiners are set up:

I had picked them around the time of release, but boxed them for about three years until I needed something to accent Metroplex's bigness. Upon this re-evaluation, I decided that they're extremely hit-and-miss. I like the construction vehicle set, military vehicle set, and the Mad Max set, but the race car set and plane set are a bit bleh. Same goes for the individual cores. Fire truck, Huffer, and the snow plow are all okay by me, but the helicopter guy is pretty dire.

Would have liked to have found the tank and hovercraft, but it wasn't meant to be.

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Oh, and also a total piece of garbage!
If you would ever like to part with them, let me know! I would like to see for myself.

As for the Energon/Superlink combiners, I bought all three of them on release ten (ten!) years ago now, and I still like them greatly. I'll have to dig them out now...
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