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Would have liked to have found the tank and hovercraft, but it wasn't meant to be.
Those two are my favorite of the PCC guys. The plugs on Undertow don't stand out that much with his color scheme. Plus if you mistransform him a little you can get his combiner head out in robot mode. Heavytread hides his arm plugs on the backs of his arms and mostly out of sight. He's looks a bit like Brawl as a combiner torso. It's funny how much better they got as the line went on.

On a similar note, a few other favorites:

Human Alliance Half-Track: Forget the crazy weapon mode, the little buggy and robot modes are where it's at. I liked this coloration over the Sandstorm one, plus it came with a little astronaut.

Dark of the Mood Leader Ironhide: Big, massive, and fitting even with the undersized arm guns. He's also the reason I bought Human Alliance Backfire and Whirl. Their weapon modes fit him nicely (even if you have to tweak Whirl's a little).

Real Gear Robots Booster X10: Basically an updated G1 Laserbeak. The only toy I picked up out of that line because of that fact.
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