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Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post
I don't have any PCC sets, but I do have 3 of the torsos: Huffer, Sledge and the F1. I didn't care for the PCC line at first. But, when I bought my mom some perfume for Mother's Day, CVS gave me a $10 coupon. That was enough for Huffer and some jelly beans. I liked Huffer enough to pick up a couple more torso-bots on clearance, but I never got any limbs. I'm not missing out on much, am I?
Not really, no. They were a neat idea, making combiners in such a way that emphasized speed of assembly and auto-transformation. But the little connectors don't always want to stay attached, and not many of the arm drones actually have a decent hand. And of course the little drones aren't robots themselves, and that's half the fun of combiners, innit?

If you want to hunt one done, I'd recommend the Combaticon set. The torso bot is very poor, but the limbs and combined mode work about the best of any of them. It was also in the first wave, so it should be widely and cheaply available now.
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