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So, yeah, the Combiner Wars tie-in comics... it's infecting affecting the Robots In Disguise and Windblade Returns books.

And leaving More Than Meets The Eye unscathed. Thank you

Would make sense that it will affect RID: Superion is already in that particular title, after all, and last I remember most of the Stunticons (who can combine anyway) are on Cybertron as well. So yeah, totally makes sense.

That also means Blackjack will be on Cybertron and no chance of him being part of Team Misfire. NOOOOOOOOOOO

Also, I've been calling it since the Constructicons showed up in RID with a giant Long Haul -- five man team with a Voyager Long Haul as a chest. That was why they got rid of Scrapper, to promote a god damned new toy.

Hopefully Scrapper gets made into a Legends class toy so he can hang out with his buddies. And hopefully Hasbro doesn't get any ideas of Devastaprowl.
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