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Solid enough read, especially considering it's built upon the quicksand of the Costa stuff, but despite Barber's best efforts it's really hard to believe IDW Jazz would be that messed up by killing a human over all the other killing he's done as a soldier, and the cliffhanger was a bit tired- Is Prowl evil? YAWN.

On the plus side though, the non human-death related stuff with Jazz looking at the choices he's made over the course of RID was actually quite nice, you could argue it was spelling out motivations that didn't really need spelling out but it still read well and the shot of him holding his broken SPACE guitar was actually quite affecting.

The real problem is the Joe/TF book did the basics of an Decepticon human alliance from start to inevitable betrayal in a page, that can't help but make the ongoing plot here feel very drawn out.
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