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Okay, I am still buying this comic even though it hasn't been very interesting so far.

This one was pretty good though. Totally agree that TF VS GIJoe is doing the alliance stuff better but there were some nice beats from Jazz and Cosmos and Thundercracker and Galvatron and Daniel and Sanjay and Arcee and Soundwave so it evens out.

The cliffhanger was impressively unexciting though. Prowl pulled a gun on Ratchet for no good reason in his very first appearance. He loves pulling guns on good guys!

Jetfire is a bum note too - his little drone guy isn't distinctive enough to justify existing yet and his grumpy haughtiness seems to have come from nowhere. Though I guess that's a necessary thing to have in a group dynamic. Dunno about Stealth Paint either - it would be a give in TF VS GIJoe and MTMTE would come up with something more clever. The tone here doesn't suit it.

Art looked great too.

And Scoop is a Decepticon now? Do they want a nice Flanders who occasionally becomes a Bible Coding street prophet nutjob? Is Scoop as a character going to be twisted even more torturously to meet the muddled demands of the plot?

Wonder where Galvatron got his TFTM starship?
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