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So I have been going on an toy archive binge lately because of this thread, and I stumbled upon my Cybertron Metroplex review. Which has... ridiculously terrible pictures, so I dug Metroplex (or 'Megalo Convoy' if you want to be all Japanese) out of the shelf he's been displayed in for the last three or four years, and is surprised by just how tall he actually is -- I've actually been displaying Metroplex in his 'work' mode to have him fit the shelf he's in. He's a massive, tall toy that's fun! I wished his ankles can bend more so as to support his balance better, but there are so many strong ratchety joints throughout his long leg that it doesn't really matter.

I'm not a big fan of his hand, though -- it's not really powerful enough to hold his Sparkdrinker (Sparkgrinder? Sparkcrusher? One of them) circular saw-axe thing without the support of his other arm. Here's his weapon with the Cyber Key thing activated. It's supposed to turn his circular buzzsaw into an axe with glowing lights, but that seems ridiculously impractical now isn't it:

Also good jeez he's got a lot of Minicon ports. I remembered using him as a sort of a base for the Minicons to 'park'.

He's pretty tall and massive, easily dwarfing my Supreme class Predaking and Fall of Cybertron Bruticus (who he's standing in the middle of in his full glory). He's got a pretty m'eh alternate mode that's actually based on a real thing.

His Minicon is basically Armada Leader-One with Twin Twist's alternate mode. His name is either Drill Bit or Stripmine -- one is Quickmix's similarly drill-based Minicon, but I can't be bothered to look it up. Here's Work-mode Metroplex and the Minicon in alternate mode.

He's a massive toy -- Predaking's head, not counting his wingspan, reaches his waist and a normal deluxe like Tankor or Ripclaw only reaches his knee.

Yeah, I do like this dude. His arms do feel a bit too short, but other than that I like him. He's just this big dude which I'm sure is dwarfed by his Generations namesake, but I like this Metroplex better because I didn't find out about G1 Metroplex until like a year after I owned this toy.

Thanks to all our Energon Combaticon talk, the Bruticus team got a day out from the shelves too:


They're pretty cool dudes. The panel that Bruticus' head rests on is ridiculously loose, but I think that Onslaught is a pretty solid toy. Most of my opinions on the limbs -- decent but flawed -- still stands, though since they are basic class toys... wait, shit, how big are Menasor and Superion going to be then?

Bruticus is quite posable and it really surprised me that he's got knee and hip joints. Shame about the feet and the hands, though -- they really bring the rest of Bruticus down.

Here's just a bunch of pictures of the individual Combaticons, which I think is a nicer, less loud version compared to the original Energon Combaticons. The bright orange energon weapon really hurt them, though -- they feel so out of place and all the details (the tanks' radar dish are particularly nice) are all washed out thanks to being cast in bright plastic.

I'll have to remember to dig out Superion to replace his pictures sometime soon!

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