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I don't know if I'm the only one, but Blackjack's pics (the ones he pulled from his reviews) don't show up for me on my home PC...I just see empty grey boxes. I need to view the images in a different window to see them.

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hrm...not sure I like those dull colours on those Combaticons. I kind of like the bright colours on the Energon versions.
Agreed! They look terribly boring in the ROTF colours. Those toys came out during Hasbro's thankfully-shortlived "everything needs to be realistic!" phase, sadly, and are the worse for it.

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Metroplex looks interesting, but does look to me like a Transformer in search of an alt mode.
Also agreed! He's got a really cool robot mode but his alt-mode just looks like a robot in the fetal position, with a shovel attached.

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Smoulder and Chopster I sued to own. As a pair they were pretty cool. Smoulder's robot mode was something of an acquired taste though. The legs and shoulders were very kibbly and although posable, these things conspired to make him look a bit odd. Chopster is hilarious though. He turns into a nifty axe that Smoulder can bonk people on the head with. Torso mode is terrble though.
I never cared for Smolder personally, but Chopster is fantastic! And the blue version that came with that terrible jet Darkstream was even cooler.

Today I've got a couple big ol' planes:

ROTF Starscream is so close to being a great toy. The first 95% of his F-22 mode is strikingly beautiful, but it's all undone by his big, obvious claws hanging out the back. His transformation is genius and his robot mode is likewise almost perfect, only to be ruined by awkward legs with minimal joints. His "tattoos" are also problematic, because over the years he's been in storage they've been scratched and rubbed off to the point where they look more like dirt than a coherent visual pattern. I really do like him, though. For all the flak ROTF gets for overly complicated designs and frustrating transformations, this is one that the design team did a pretty good job on.

And I could say much the same about Universe close to being great! A lot of people hate him because he's big and white and not GEEWUN, and I can understand that's not what a lot of fans look for in their throwback toys. But I think he's pretty good! His A-10 mode is really nice, with an imposing silhouette that actually makes it feel like the flying death machine it is in real life rather than the "cute" little plane the TF franchise has usually portrayed it as. The robot mode, unfortunately, needed some work. In particular, the chest doesn't peg together as well as it should and the arms are tiny. Hasbro should have spent more time on that and less on molding in a silly heart as a reference to a terrible cartoon episode.

The colours aren't great either, on any of the versions of Powerglide that got made. But I like this one the best. It has at least a little bit of contrast and life to it, as opposed to the very bland red decos that both Hasbro and Takara tried out later. It could definitely use more, though, and the purple Decepticon redeco was probably the nicest edition of the figure.
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