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Finally got to reading this. It's not bad at all. I do like the Jazz bits, which finally gets to give him some characterization at last after having him be a background dude since, oh... since... since shooting the human, actually. Seeing Jazz do his stuff is fun.

Cosmos is also bloody awesome as well, as is Kup, Sky Lynx and Thundercracker in the short few scenes they got. Arcee doesn't completely make me want to shoot her in the face, so that's an improvement.

I'm not quite a big fan of Soundwave advocating for peace, though that scene with him and Galvatron is a nice one, and evidently Soundwave's methods of peace involves more manipulation and less diplomacy. Just so long as they don't turn Soundwave into a wuss I'll be happy. I like Galvatron raging on the humans and talking about New and Old Mexico. For all the 'we'll build you a home' thing the humans are obviously going to be betrayed by Galvatron, and I for one want Barber to kinda pull a subversion and have a twist throw in. If done well whatever Prowl is planning might be in the interest of undermining their alliance, and that would be a nice schism between the two that doesn't involve the Decepticons obviously betraying their allies.

I'm not a fan of the 'wait is he really evil again' Prowl cliffhanger, and if Barber went and put him under mind control or made him really evil instead of having him be someone who just has his own agenda for the greater good I'll probably stop reading this.

Jetfire is obvious 'give him a bunch of scenes cause he got a toy'. I like his little drone buddy more than him.

Why is Scoop with the Decepticons? Why is Scoop still around? Jeez, go away, IDW Scoop. You are annoying.

Overall, though, I enjoyed the issue. Don't particularly care about any of the human characters, but the Jazz stuff is wonderful and both the Galvatron stuff and the Cosmos stuff are nice. A great, great improvement from the guy that thought up Provestator and did the stupid it-was-a-cerebro-shell-all-along, anyway.

More please.
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