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The Underbase reviewers came up with an interesting idea that Prowl hasnt turned evil but is about to conduct a mass attack on the deceptiocns by using one of the constructicons to lure the rest of the cons to the island which allows Prowl to zap them all with the Brain attack thing Alpha Trion appears to be connected too.

I quite like that idea (that prowl wants to achieve this, not that it will actually work) so fingers crossed the next issue doesnt let me down.
Yeah, this was along the lines of what would make me happy instead of either 'Evil Prowl' or 'Stupid Evil Prowl'. Having him actually with a plan to take down the Decepticons and generally show everyone he's doing it for the greater good of taking down the Decepticons even if he's going to piss off everyone else in doing it.

Whatever the case, the next few issues will be the deciding factor whether I'll continue reading RID or completely ignore the shit out of it.
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