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The soundtrack to The Living Daylights. It's nice John Barry rounded off his Bond tenure with two classics in the shape of this and A View to a Kill, it would have been a shame if he'd bowed out with the perfectly serviceable but forgettable Octopussy score.

Lots of great hummable music that works as well in isolation as it does underscoring scenes, the music for the Aston Martin chase is especially good. What's also impressive is how Barry succesfully uses the tune of all three songs for the film throughout the score, these days the Bond composers barely manage that with just the title song. The big trumpets and scatty piano that accompanies every use of Where Has Everybody Gone? is especially awesome.

I really like the a-ha tune as well, I was mildly surprised to find out it's unpopular (possibly because of the Barry/a-ha fall out?), sure the lyrics make no sense but that as true of A View to a Kill and everybody likes that.

The only annoyance is the tracks are in a different order to which they occur in the film (apparently due to this being a later reissue with more music, for contractual reasons they had to present the original album material in the same order and put the new stuff at the end), having the gun barrel at anywhere other than the start... wait, was this the favourite album of the people making the Craig films?

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